1. Zoom out from burning truck to charging rioters
2. Wide shot crowd running
3. Mid shot boys throwing stones
4. Mid shot rioters with stones and sticks
5. Pro-government rioters throwing stones
6. Mid shot opposition supporters throwing stones
7. Zoom out opposition supporters running towards opponents
8. Government supporters fleeing – burning truck in background
9. Mid shot soldiers hiding
10. Government supporter walking passed burning vehicle
11. SOUNDBITE: (English) Voxpop, opposition supporter:
“I want for Madagascar to achieve democracy and the truth, not always the lie. It’s very important in our nation now – the lie. We don’t want to lie anymore.”
12. Pan of nuns and priests pleading with rioters to stop fighting
13. Two shots of injured government supporters sitting on ground
14. Wide shot smoke coming from government-aligned radio station
15. Closer shot from above
16. Crowd of opposition supporters outside radio station
17. Various opposition supporters climbing out of burning radio station
18. Opposition supporters looking up at building
19. Remains of roof burning
20. Crowd standing around equipment taken out of radio station
21. People walking away


A radio station sympathetic to the government was set on fire on Wednesday and a government supporter killed in clashes over disputed election results in Madagascar.

The street fighting between opposition and government supporters came after nearly two months of peaceful protests over the presidential election.

Opposition leader Marc Ravalomanana says he won a majority of the vote in the December 16 elections, but official results show him winning less than half the vote, forcing him into a runoff with President Didier Ratsiraka.

Ravalomanana refused to take part in a runoff.

After negotiations with the government broke down, Ravalomanana declared himself president last week.

In response, Ratsiraka imposed a state of emergency.

Wednesday’s violence began with a clash outside the High Court, which had certified the official results showing Ravalomanana had not won outright.

Activists from both sides hurled rocks at each other and a government truck was set on fire.

Tsiokavao radio, a private station aligned with the government, was also set alight.

Security forces, who have generally kept a low profile during the protests, did nothing to intervene.

By afternoon, the violence had subsided and soldiers had stepped up security around government buildings.

Ravalomanana, mayor of Antananarivo, is extremely popular in the capital, but his support in the remote rural areas, where most of the country’s 16 million (m) people live, is harder to quantify.

Governors of five of Madagascar’s six provinces, all members of the ruling party, have said they do not recognise him as president.

The military has declared its neutrality in the dispute.

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WRAP: adds burning of government radio stationWRAP: adds burning of government radio stationWRAP: adds burning of government radio stationWRAP: adds burning of government radio station
Early results in Mozambique’s presidential election shows the ruling party, Frelimo is headed for a strong victory.

The Frelimo candidate Filipe Nyusi had 280,000 votes, while his main challenger Afonso Dh’lakama had 130,000 votes. The third runner David Simango obtained 37,000 votes so far. This comes as the opposition Renamo party has rejected the results and accused the ruling party of ballot stuffing. On Wednesday, both the electoral commission and foreign observers confirmed some incidents but said the overall process went fairly smoothly. The Frelimo party has run the country since independence in 1975.

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Ruling Frelimo party ahead in Mozambique presidential voteRuling Frelimo party ahead in Mozambique presidential voteRuling Frelimo party ahead in Mozambique presidential voteRuling Frelimo party ahead in Mozambique presidential vote