Joel Richardson shares how ISIS is recruiting more young people than the church is today and how the church can change this.

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I told Jim, we build Lori’s House, you had better get ready for the greatest warfare you have ever faced in your life because the devil loves abortion. He loves it, he wants to murder something before its birth. -Lori Bakker

I think we need pastors and leaders that will raise a voice and say “Biblical Christianity that the Apostles and Jesus proclaimed requires us to lay down our lives.” So we need to proclaim and equally radical message. A message of love, but a radical message of love.

If we are going to take the world we are going to have to take the media. That is the only way that we can go to all the world and preach the Gospel. And the media is what everyone is on all of the time. -Pastor Jim Bakker

We’re moving fast, the world’s moving fast. America has become a different country. America is not the America we knew. -Pastor Jim Bakker

I’ll tell you who the right man is, his name is Jesus! The whole world’s looking for a man, his name is Jesus Christ, the son of God. -Pastor Jim Bakker


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We Need a Radical Message of LoveWe Need a Radical Message of LoveWe Need a Radical Message of LoveWe Need a Radical Message of Love