Obama Is Letting Turkey Target The U.S.'' s Best option Against ISIS Residents of
Diyarbakir in Turkey'' s Kurd-dominated southeast run for cover from tear gas fired by security forces on Jan. 27. Amnesty International calls Turkey'' s treatment of civilians in the area “”cumulative penalty.” “…Learn more on Huffington Post

Meet a Kurdish Commander Who Looks Down ISIS Every Day
Some twenty miles outside the ISIS-controlled area of Hawija, in northern Iraq, leader Hussein Yazdanpana shakes the hands of 2 American soldiers. They are standing on a dirt path beside a wall of sandbags. For a moment they look over to the …
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National Geographic writer embeds with Kurdish troops '' Combating ISIS '
While embedded with the Kurdish armed force in Iraq for National Geographic Channel'' s “Explorer” episode titled “Combating ISIS,”correspondent Neil Shea was struck by how practically nonchalant the Kurds had to do with warfare. “They were usually just sort of not …
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Christian Military Forces in Iraq Join Kurds in Fight Versus ISIS
A freshly formed military device, composed of Iraqi Christians, has forged an alliance with Iraq'' s own forces in its on-going fight against the terrorist group ISIS. The Christian military group, called the Nineveh Plain Forces or NPF, are currently …
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