Meeting François Hollande, Obama Urges Europe to Intensify ISIS Fight
WASHINGTON– President Obama offered his visiting French counterpart psychological words of solidarity on Tuesday but made it clear that it was up to Europe to escalate its efforts to combat the terrorist group that eliminated 130 individuals in Paris this month.
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Ireland branded '' Europe ' s weakest link ' after cooling ISIS video threatens
… A leading security expert has claimed Ireland is “”Europe ' s weakest link” after a chilling ISIS video called the country as a prime target for attack. Former Irish Army Captain Tom Clonan cautioned the wicked terror group is searching for security weak areas and …
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War on ISIS brings B Europe defense boost
London – Europe'' s defense industry is set to reap a $ 50 billion windfall as the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks on Paris prompt federal governments to ramp up spending on military capabilities extending cyber security to competitor jets, armored vehicles and drones in …
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VIEW: New ISIS Video Threatens U.S., Europe, & & China With Non-Muslim Tax
A brand-new video supposedly released by the Islamic State threatens Europe, the United States, and China. The video was launched on November 23, 2015 and is titled “If You Want To Conserve Your Life, You Either Transform to Islam or Pay the Jizyah.” Jizyah is an …
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