'' Severe blow ': Al Qaeda suicide bomber takes out leadership of key ISIS brigade
15 bombing came at a high-level conference of the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, a crucial ISIS militia understood for its bloody and vicious hold over parts of the Golan Heights. 6 of the group'' s top males were eliminated, consisting of Muhammad “”Abu Ali” “al-Baridi, the shadowy …
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Let'' s reveal ISIS leaders crying '' like children ' when recorded, Rubio states: Marco … Republican politician governmental prospect Marco Rubio said Monday that the United States must show the world how ISIS leaders” sob like children”when caught. That would help dissuade employees from joining the extremist group, he said.(John Raoux/Associated … Check out more on cleveland.com ISIS vs al-Qaida: Horror group leaders ' annihilated ' in suicide attack Reacting, the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade stated:” The martyrdom of the leaders will only make us more identified.””Blood “and sacrifice is” welcome for God ' s sake, “the group added. However Alex Fishman, a veteran military press reporter for Israel ' s Yediot Aharonot … Find out more on Daily Star Rubio: Show the world how ISIS leaders ' cry like children when caught ' “I think we must be carrying out attacks versus Sunni leadership nodes, videotaping the entire thing and putting it up on YouTube, so the world can see that these people are notinvincible, “Rubio said. “I want the world to see how these ISIS … Check out more on MyAJC