Any individual who thinks Westerners are gathering to Isil because of the Iraq war is a
Yet Isil and their ilk do the really opposite of that. This does get repeated frequently, however it does not seem to sink in with Western audiences: the primary target of Isil and similar groups is not the West. It is other Muslims. Above all, Shia Muslims …
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Pentagon wary of political pressure to move quickly on ISIL stronghold
The dispute over the timetable for taking Mosul– which was up to the Islamic State in June 2014 in a shocking indication of the group'' s growing battleground prowess– highlights the competing pressures of an administration seeking to craft its tradition and …
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Teenage child beheaded by Isil for listening to pop music
In August 2014 Isil was reported to have summarily executed approximately 670 prisoners. The killings at Badoush jail were widely condemned with Navi Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human being Rights, accusing Isil of carrying out ethnic cleaning.
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